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The Chemistry Problems 1.0 software (for Windows 98 and later) exploits advanced numerical methods to generate instantaneously and continuously new situations and data to be inserted in numerous problems related to the various topics that are traditionally part of a basic Chemistry course. In each case, the software also calculates the corresponding solutions and shows them when prompted. Problems and solutions can be printed to pre-formatted text files, allowing to prepare personalized problem lists of any length and complexity.

The software (a single file of relatively small size) can be freely copied and diffused. No installation or activation is required. It can be executed anywhere from any suitable medium (hard disk, CD, USB key, memory card, Internet etc.). Software and manual are available at website and others.

All theoretical concepts required to solve the various problems and the methods that can be utilized are described and commented in the book (in Italian) Vacatello Problemi di Chimica 1.0 Piccin Nuova Libraria, 2005; ISBN 88-299-1785-0.

The software can be considered like a shelf containing a practically infinite set of Versions of a book of Chemistry Problems. Each version differs from all others, and the student can freely select at each moment one version or another. In any case, whatever the version is, the student can always regenerate the problem under study with new data at random (but obviously compatible with the problem text), returning to the original problem of the version in use whenever desired.

Various difficulty Levels can be selected, from the Basic Level (corresponding to the base preparation required for beginners) to the Excellent Level (a student capable of solving all problems of this level in various versions is certainly very well trained). When a level has been selected, the software shows only problems of difficulty lower or equal to that of the chosen level. The level can be changed at any moment.

Topics covered are: Basics; Elements and Compounds; Stoichiometry; Gases, Solids and Liquids; Solutions; Thermodynamics and Kinetics; Chemical Equilibrium; Electrochemistry.

The software features a number of useful Tools, such as an advanced Calculator, a Plotting tool, a Balancer of chemical reactions and a Visualizer of simple molecular structures. It also includes some Simulations of idealized laboratory experiments and a few Games, devised in such a way to help fixing in mind the fundamental concepts of Chemistry while also verifying the reached learning level.





Download software and manual